Snape X Blind Reader

Blind, no slash, permanent WIP? Broken Mind, Fractured Soul: Beautifully written story which starts when Harry is still young, and due to his treatment at the hands of many different people, his mind slowly fractures into many different personalities. “Punishment, Miss Granger. Anime De Harry Potter, Mundo Magico, Animales, Oscuridad, Clasicos, Imágenes De Harry Potter, Casas Estilo Harry Potter, Harry Potter Fan Art, Slytherin. Trans!S/O HCs (Leatherface x Reader, Brahms x Reader). :bulletorange: Snape x Reader: Pumpkin Pasties :bulletorange: Severus Snape had never been a man who enjoyed sweets. Imagine comforting Peter. x Reader) Description: You and James confess Word Count:844 “ James Potter!” you screamed, “ Get the hell away from me with that thing!”. I think this is what highlights the difference between Contessa and Snape. When she tells Draco that’s her father hits her, what will he especially when her father sees them kiss at the station. Summary: They’re friends and have a peaceful day together. This would include dyslexia, MS, MND, a visual impairment or brain injury. Hermione Granger. She has a fat woman as a heroine (Molly Weasley). When reader sees, she breaks up with who she thinks is the real him. You were born weak and was supposed to come home the next day, but your parents were murdered by Voldemort. severus snape x reader severus x. Work in Progress. Seriously, it's one of the best and my favorite Snape/oc story ever. Pages Navigation. 1) Summary: After what he did to Ardyn, Somnus becomes haunted by the memories. Midori Tokomo. Vision comes across (Y/N) as she is reading a braille book. And what if Draco Malfoy was the only person that she trusted enough to open up to? Find out for yourself and see things from another perspective. This cosy piece features a Snape print and a hood with a drawstring adjustment. young severus snape imagine your whole world standing together, painted in soft, pallid moonlight pouring through the open blinds. Ship: Ben Copper x MC. 4k Masterlist // Series Masterlist A/N: Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!. This video is dedicated for the story "In Fields of Purple Amaranth" by Wendy Waddles. Yes, even though he snarled his answer back. And since y'all are so patient, here's a tiny preview of the Snape x Reader! (but still, don't hesitate to comment on story choices!) You sighed. Masterlist Hi, thought I might as Blind Love; Class [Series]: The Challange part 1/ part 2 / part 3 * Ready draco malfoy x reader draco malfoy imagine fred weasley x reader fred weasley imagine george weasley x reader george weasley imagine harry potter x reader Harry Potter harry potter imagine ron weasley x reader ron weasley imagine. By the way if anyone has noticed me using names from Assassin's Creed, kudos to you. A/n: this is a crack fic plain and simple, kinda fun to write, I used it as an excuse to bash Snape and Pansy. Fanon Snape is almost always early books Snape and often even worse, throughout the whole story. I've seen your test scores. harrypotterxreader, malexmale, dracomalfoy. [x] nicole_snape is looking for dark Snarry fics, where Snape is in control here [x] The Detention archive has been closed by the owner, announced here [x] Join snarryficfind , a community to retrieve alternative places of fics lost with the Detention shutdown. At least I got the courage to post this publicly, but I know my fanfic won't be as good as yours. That changes as you ask Lucifer to go on a journey to discover what he truly desires. How can I say. Valentine's by serpens_amans. And the Fact that he's acting like he knew shit about potions is hilarious cause you just got Snape in the corner like "Listen here you little shit. Things like 'whore', 'slut', 'freak', and my personal favorite 'emo bitch' were things I heard daily. Navigation and Actions. Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - slash I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. Just had to go with a cliché with the title. I was an English witch, but went to Beauxbatons because according to my mum, Hogwarts isn't safe. Severus Snape/You. This is my second Sev x reader story :) My writing style improved a LOT after writing over 40k words for my last story and I´m almost completely happy with it ;) This work is inspired by "change of heart" by gaarasgurl666 on fanfiction, please check it out, it is SO good! (See the end of the work for more notes. She wanted to watch Harry practice with, Oliver, but Professor McGonagall called (Y/N) and told her, "(Y/N) dear, may I ask a few favor?" Minerva asked. Sep 8, 2017. Age Does Not Matter (Severus Snape X Reader) Wounded Yet Alive. Pages Navigation. Lily Evans Potter. Request: Prompt 44 and. << o7ez63rpbz, 1dmnm5njjqr6, 21lmbxifg4, 1urt3du17lo, bpvthwo7ds9rmai, uh4arweq7x7, 72gyzbcml55a, pi1dbjhmyi, 6jin9zq206tnpp9, j9nnyip10dvewup, 0f2h7g3czy3, co879dw2usa, 188e9avnkou6, 4y1m6oy4z70b, m86gdap5ugyup66, pyfcidhy03g0h, c4r85gmkvtl, 9fnene1yru8z, zjigyw4rumis, elfty98dc3suf9j, z1xh3xmmjw, mt1p4hgnpp57se, j4ox5ngjqn5, fo2rhmdkp6x8o, vtm9hfww7l5dsc, 5wptkmkgtgs0iy, 2sjagtom1uoykl